Coffee – house

Cogito, ergo sum. It is said that life of the man consists of colorful moments that he remembers. And time is the most essential thing that we have; we can’t buy, return or stop it. If you sauntered through the town of Leo and visited “Charivny Likhtar” – we are glad that we became a part of your day. We know that you don’t have much time that’s why we make our best to make your visit at our coffee house unforgettable. You can pass your time with pleasure at our coffee house, celebrate any event, pass some business appointment or presentation. Experience of our collective, cozy interior of coffee house and sweet menu give an opportunity to us to make our service the best for you and you’ll want to come to our coffee house “Charivny Likhtar” one more time.
  • Sweet drink reception (celebration of Birthday parties, christenings, anniversaries or other events)
  • Business meetings, presentations, panel discussions etc
  • Romantic dinner with candles and sweet menu

Also we will take into account all your wishes and also apply maximum energies for implementation of your ideas.

  • Hall with 28 places
  • Multivarious menu of sweets and drinks
  • Professional service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Unforgivable atmosphere of the evening!!

«Charivny Likhtar” is situated on picturesque square near Dominican Cathedral. Our establishment bears a part of ancient and inimitable Lviv; that’s why an atmosphere of our coffee house is cozy. An integral part of interior of coffee house is stylized beaten lanterns and cobbles and also panorama of ancient city of Leo embodied in fresco on the wall.
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