The Legend

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It is Dominican’s square. There were great events in 1559 year. They had no analogies in the world history. Such leading chronicles of Lviv as Bartolomiy Zimorovych and Denys Zubrytsky told us about real war… for the bride. Namely Galshka from Ostrog was that bride. Nobody could sleep that night. Shy was the richest heiress of all the Recha Pospolyta. Certainly there were a lot of volunteers to marry her. Magnate Lukash from Gurky reached the great success in that as he was the favorite of king. He married her by force.

However, the mother of the girl Betta didn’t allow the son-in-low to come up to her daughter. The mother of king Bon helped her in it. It was for the space of three years. Shortly the queen Bona went to Italy. They had no support any more. That is why Galshka and her mother leaved for Lviv. In such a way Galshka saved from the husband. Shy hided in Dominikan cloister under her own security.

Lukash persuaded her but in vain. Then he began the great artillery siege of Dominican Cloister. For several weeks the life and trade stopped in Lviv. Galshka was full in love with knyaz Simeon Slutsky and he appeared during the military actions. It was impossible to get to the cloister. Then Simeon Slutsky changed the clothes for bagger. The clothes and oil lantern he borrowed from tavern which was placed namely there. Monks of Dominican Cloister helped Simeon Slutsky to penetrate into the cloister. They made his way by the dark, narrow underground. The underground way was from the tavern to the cloister. The lovers married immediately, as they decided that the previous marriage was illegal.

The king was sick of that story decided to help Lukash to capture the cloister. He ordered the power of Lviv to cup off the water-pipe and cloister surrendered. Lukash with the recognition of king as the husband of Galshka on legal grounds. The poor girl was arrested in the fortress of High Castle, but for a short time. Then shy was drive to Shamotuly the polish town, to Lukashy’s patrimony. There was a lot of talk about magic lantern which helped to unite two hearts full in love, but not for a long time…

Many centuries have passed since that time. The old magic lantern remained for us only and stories about two hearts full in love.

We hope this short legend from the long history of our town brings you several nice minutes...

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