Our menu is selected in accordance with atmosphere of “Charivny Likhtar» – exquisite baking, variety of deserts, more than 20 sorts of the coffee and more than 30 variants of making coffee due to different original receipts. For lovers of tea we propose more than 15 sorts of black tea, more than 15 of green tea, and also there is white tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, red tea and compositions of tea leafs, bound in mini bouquets with flowers of jasmine, amaranth, lily etc that when brewed in tea-pot open in form of flower composition… And for those who like something interesting and unusual we propose more than 15 receipts of multivarious brew-ups. Among different drinks we also propose cocktails as soft so alcohol and also beer… Wonderful addition for cakes and sweets are ice cream and hot chocolate that are in different variants (with different additions on your taste)
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