Alcohol drinks

Sip of exquisite wine, glass of faerie champagne, glass of short vodka... … Short drinks appeared in lives of people such a long time ago as fire and ceramic. Eight thousand years before Christ hopped drinks were produced from honey, juices and wild grape. At first befuddle effect of alcohol attracted people, with time esthetic demands to heady drinks increased and they are in the lives of lots of people. Today almost all nations have their national drink. The best in producing of the wine are Georgian, French people produce the best cognac, native land of Tequila – Mexico and the best rum is produced on Jamaica. The best drink for Ukrainian people is Vodka and there no other drinks for them to be better. In our caf? you can order both Vodka and other drink that you wish.

We offer to try drinks that are visit cards of producer countries:
  • Liqueur “J?germeister” (Germany)
  • Balm “Unicum” (Hungary)
  • Liqueur “Limoncello”
  • Cognac “Carpathian” (Ukraine)
  • Vine Hvanchkara (Georgia)


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