You have to drink beer to that time when all its reserves finish. So and in no other way this ancient drink of knights and monks, noblemen and simple people opens in all its gold value and foamy richness of taste. The reason is that beer is not simple drink, it is style of life and good cause for meeting.

If you don’t know beer – you don’t know joy.

Folk wisdom of ancient Sumerian “Wine of Visigoths” – that’s how ancient Romans named nappy drink of Teutons which they made from fret grain mash and take along when they marched in Rome. No, beer culture didn’t conquer traditional wine countries, beer culture begin to exist parallel with wine and today beer reaches Apogee.

Everybody knows about fantastic tastiness of beer, but probably not all know about its useful features:
  • Beer exteriorizes from organism carcinogenic materials and decrease risk of cancer to 2-3 times – its officially proved by Japanese scientists.
  • Glass of beer that is drunk on an empty stomach drain stomach and cleans it from surplus of slime, it is very useful procedure than you have gastritis.
  • Only beer can exteriorize from organism saline aluminum.
  • Beer allays thirst because of contribution of quick entry of liquid in blood with the help of mineral agents and carbon dioxide that expand capillary in membranes of alimentary organs.
  • Beer – its exclusive alcohol drink that contains hopped bitter which activates separation of stomach juice. Active ingredients which pass from hop to beer have calm, analgesic and hypnotic effect on man organism, decrease growth and development of bacteria.
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