A perfect wedding of tastes, sometimes exotic and unexpected, sometimes – ordinary, but tasty – it’s an essence of cocktail. These drink never tires you only add some new ingredient – and you will have new gamma of smacks. There were so many variants of mixes to find new smacks, moods and impressions. A lot of people adore cocktails. Somebody likes experiments to find new masterpiece smacks. There were so lot mixes to find something new, fresh, actual, genius… Other enjoy out of acquaintance with new drinks. Thanks to this peculiarity cocktails are always in vogue.

At our coffee house you can order popular cocktails, and also to taste cocktails made according to our special receipts. Non alcohol and alcohol, multivarious by sight and taste, every man likes some peculiar… We recommend tasting our authors alcohol cocktails: “Charivny Likhtar” (Magic Light) “Kris” or “Sonce v Bokali”(Sun in wineglass).

For that who likes non alcohol drinks we offer to taste cocktails “Grenadine shake”, “Tiramisu”, “Florida” or some else – on your taste and choice.
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