Coffee – it’s not a drink, it’s an phenomena. Enigmatic coffee implemented in itself whole boundless world of man emotions, feelings, impressions. This drink is witness of lots of man wins and losses, dreams, secrets and adventures. And man who can prepare it and understand its mining is Artist. With the help of one taste flavor you can transmit emotion, feeling and energy. Proof of peculiarity of coffee is that for decades this drink is the second drink for popularity in the world… And it’s a pleasure that admirers of coffee have an opportunity to choose between a lot of different sorts of coffee. It depends from their taste and material standing.

Cup of coffee isn’t something exotic as it was long time ago. It’s most likely a symbol of the beginning of the new working day. When we drink coffee we don’t think about “Coffee Cantata” of Bach or about Vienne – first European city where coffee appeared. But every day we join to the tradition of coffee drinking
That’s why for maximum satisfaction of different tastes and to vary term “to drink coffee” we propose you great choice of sorts of coffee and methods of it preparation. We recommend to try all variants that we have and especially the next:
  • Mocha “Strawberry”,
  • Mexican coffee
  • Vienne coffee,
  • Muscat coffee
  • Coffee with Eastern spices
In cold winter period and simply for good mood we offer you coffee with alcohol
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