Hot chocolate

Today hot chocolate joins in itself two things: it is outlandish tasty, useful, tonic sweet drink and exquisite dessert which satisfies hunger and gives energy for all day long. And one more thing – Finnish medicals say that hot chocolate is more useful for the health than solid. Using of cocoa decrease risk of heart diseases because of content of flavonoids, which decrease adverse effect of the action on organism of free radicals

Hot chocolate – it is that sweets that are knocking to every heart. This sweet delight engage the most thin string of esthetes’ soul and in the same time won’t leave indifferent that man who will make only one sip of the magic drink. Exquisite dessert only touches your lips melt in your mouth and your imagination is drawing inimitable emotionalize pictures and you sink in everlasting world of mans’ delight, joy, happiness. Exactly thanks to magic action this drink is in souls of people. All the more so famous Galician hot chocolate; Sweet dessert prepared according to ancient receipts of Galician confectioners in last century was famous all around the world and on plane delivered from Lviv to Vienne

Visit “Charivny Likhtar” and taste::
  • Black chocolate
  • White chocolate with almond and cream
  • Chocolate with alcohol
  • Chocolate with ice cream
  • ... And also more than ten chocolate masterpieces!
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