In rainy weather for better mood it is so good to drink a cup of tea and in the morning – to feel yourself more vivacious, and for no particular reason – for pleasure, and in winter evening – to dream about summer, and for pleasant discussion with the friend.

Real tea – it is wonderful drink which connects things that aren’t connected: it gives to body power and vivacity and to soul – calm and delight. And to feel all richness and of taste of tea, of color and aroma you have to study how you study to understand art and all beautiful in the life. And before you opens wonderful world of tea, you will know how to distinguish all richness of its colors – from deep like dark amber, or bright and clean yellow like ray of sun to almost white and clear. And then tea brings you that things for that you like and estimate it – health, calm and delight

“Charivny Likhtar” offers you tea of the highest quality, with different origin and preparation:
  • Black teas (clear, without additions, aromatized with natural oils, with addition of dried flowers and fruits…)
  • Green teas (mono – sorts without additions, aromatized, mixes of green and white tea, with addition of pieces of fruits, berries and flowers…)
  • White teas – it’s the tea of the highest quality from tender not opened yet first leafs of tea, covered with silver – white villus… Drink prepared from them has delightful taste and wonderful aroma
  • Herbal teas (prepared exceptional from dried herbs and flowers or with addition of pieces of dried fruits and berries)
  • Fruit teas (mixes of dried fruits and berries without addition of tea leaf) – taste and aroma of this teas will surprise you, you will remember your trips through forests and wonderful moments of the summer vacation.
We want to draw attention on teas that are bound by hand in tea compositions. When you order such tea you will take delight of taste and aroma and also esthetical delight – you will see how small nubble in your pot turns into wonderful flower.

Visit “Charivny Likhtar” and taste:
  • Tea “Kasterd” – with cream and egg yolk.
  • Tea “Late” – with ice cream.
  • Arabian tea – with coffee
  • Grog – with alcohol and spices
  • - Tea “Carpathian” – from Carpathian herbs…
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